The most unique and important therapeutic measure in Ayurveda that removes toxins accumulated in the body, helping purify the body and mind. These purifying procedures allow the body’s biological system to return to its normal state and to rejuvenate rapidly. Our classical Panchakarma therapies are not only good for alleviating disease but also for preserving and promoting perfect health. Some of our treatment procedures include:

Our classical Panchakarma therapies are not only good for alleviating disease but also for preserving and promoting perfect health. Some of our treatment procedures include:


The body is anointed with the help of medicated oils, in seven positions.

This helps treat rheumatologic diseases, low back pain, and sciatica, increases the luster of the skin, increases blood circulation and imparts good sleep.


Small bundles containing fried lemon and special medication are applied over the body of patient after dipping them in suitable medicated oil.

Relieves stiffness of joints and muscle cramps, and helps cure Cervical Spondylosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.


A bolus containing egg yolk mixed with herbal powders is applied to the whole body, along with medicated oils warmed to appropriate temperatures.

Nourishes the skin substantially, and also treats frozen shoulders, spinal myelopathy, trauma, etc.


A gradual administration of medicated oil or powder through the nasal passage.

Cures a majority of diseases of the head, neck, and shoulder region such as Bell’s Palsy, frozen shoulder, stress-induced headaches, premature greying, etc.


Warm, medicated oil is retained on the patient’s head with the help of a leather cap.

Treats diseases of the head and face, such as facial paralysis, migraine, insomnia, etc.


Nourishing Therapy

A special application of special bundles of njavara rice in milk, causing perspiration. It is preceded and followed by massages.

Rejuvenates the body, strengthens and nourishes the nervous system, reduces muscular stress and aches, and is effective for sciatica, lower back ache, etc.


A full body revival massage using the paste of njavara rice mixed with milk and herbal extracts, following a full body scrub.

This is a modified version of njavara kizhi used for children and weak persons that strengthens muscles and nerves.


Warm medicated oils are poured gently over the body, causing a healing perspiration.

An effective treatment for neurological disorders, it rejuvenates and prevents degenerative changes in body, and addresses hemiplegia and rheumatic complaints.


Depression & Stress Releasing Therapy

A thin, uninterrupted stream of medicated oil, or other fluids are made to fall on the forehead of patient.

Rejuvenates mind and body, and provides excellent relief from stress. It is an effective treatment for insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression


An application of heated, fried medicated powder rolled into a bolus, over pain-affected joints or body parts.

Reduces pain and stiffness of joints, and helps treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, musculoskeletal pain, and sciatica


A therapeutic deep-tissue massage technique using medicinal powders.

It exfoliates dead cells, helping detoxify and tone the skin and muscles, and reduce excess body fat and blood cholesterol.